General Conditions

Next we detail you the general car hire conditions. If you have any doubt, please contact Rent a Car Victoria by E-mail Car Hire Spain. Cheap Car Hire Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia and Murcia. Car Rentals Spain with Rent a Car Victoria..

All the prices detailed in the following conditions have V.A.T. included (insurance excluded).

All inclusive rates.
With Rent a Car Victoria you see what you are going to pay. Our prices include:

Free airport service.
There can be extra charges at some airports for night-time deliveries and pick-ups.

One-way reservations.
It is allowed to pick up and drop off the vehicle at different airports of the suppliers. There will be charges for desplacements which will depend on the place of pick up and drop off.

Fuel is not included in the rental price. The vehicle will be delivered full of fuel which will be paid at the moment of the delivery. In case of rentals for less than 3 days, it is possible to ask for half of the tank. The price of the full tank will vary between 39€ and 98€ depending on the vehicle model rented.
The supplier does not refund fuel repayment. The vehicle must be returned with as minimum quantity of fuel in the tank as possible.

Payment method.
There exist management expenses of 25€ those are paid between 24 and 48 hrs at the moment you have placed youre credit card details. Those management expenses are included in the rental price, they will need to be paid once you make the reservation.
The rest of the amount would be paid with the same credit card on arrival at the counter.
The payment has to be made only and exclusively by credit card (Visa,Mastercard or similar). There would be NO debit cards accepted.
he charge of the informed amount would be made in the next 24-48 hrs after you have placed youre credit card details.
The hired car would not be given at least the credit card holder is present.
Please remember for youre bookings through Internet, Rent a Car Victoria uses a secure server, so that youre details are sent through a safe way by Internet.

Apart from a vehicle, you can book child's safety seats (suitable for 9 months to 2 years old children) or booster seats (for 2 to 13 years old children).
Depending on the seats of the vehicle you will be able to book from 1 to 6 accessories.
Roof rack hire depends on the car model and supplier.

Standards for child's safety seats and booster seats.
The child's safety seat (suitable from 9 months to 2 years old children) and booster seats (for 2 to 13 years old children) offered with the hired car, are quality approved and correspond to European standards.
Rent a Car Victoria supplier offer the possibility to rent these accessories, but will in no case be responsible for the their installation the car. The client alone takes care of the installation and is solely responsible for the correct fastening and the possible consequences. In case of doubts the supplier will offer you instruction.

GPS Navigation System.
Availability: The availability of the GPS unit can not be guaranteed by online reservation. The navigation system will be delivered to you at car rental pickup if it is available. The amount to pay per day is 4€.
Loss/ Theft / Non-Return: The GPS rent includes equipment accessories, which are not protected and for which you are responsible for the replacement in the event of loss, theft, breakage or damage. These are in detail:

The client is 100% responsible for the rental GPS system at all times between the time of delivery and return to the supplier's office. The GPS unit and equipment has to be handed back by one's own hand to the member of staff of the supplier, who also is in charge of your rental car's return.
The supplier does not provide any insurance against loss or theft once the unit has been delivered. The supplier will charge you the total amount of 200€ if the GPS unit and the equipment accessories were not returned to at the date it is due to be back.
Damages: The GPS rental rate assumes normal wear and tear, which may occur with a rental use. However, scratches, cracks, dents or missing parts that are noticed upon return will result in charges.
Cleaning Units: All rental units will be cleaned before handled out for renting. Please DO NOT attempt to clean the unit as some chemicals or moisture may damage the GPS rental unit display and internal components.
Liability: Taking your eyes off the road while driving could cause you to have an accident. You should not be programming or adjusting your GPS unit while driving. You should do all your programming and adjusting after having stopped or have a passenger to take care of it.

The price of the rental includes a comprehensive insurance with excess, damages to third parties, limited civil responsibility, driver and occupants insurance, coverage against theft and fire.
The comprehensive insurance's amount varies from the car model, the pick up and drop off location as well as from our car hire provider.

In addition you will be able to book a fully comprehensive insurance without excess. The daily prices and maximum cost per rental period will depend on the car model, the pick up and drop off location as well as on our car hire provider.

The insurance of the vehicle does not cover:

The Tyres and Glass Insurance can be hired optional and covers damages on wheels, tyres and window glasses.

Personal Accident Insurance for drivers and passengers (PAI): This insurance covers medical expenses and compensation for death and / or permanent disability of the driver and passenger (only applicable in the case of an accident within the Spanish territory).

Breakdowns and accidents.
Rent a Car Victoria's car hire supplier will deliver you the rental car completely clean and checked-out (working, engine, tyres…) and with all necessary documents.
In case of breakdown or accident, you should contact any of the supplier's offices as soon as possible (in a maximum term of 24 hours). Please contact the supplier urgently in order to manage the repairs as soon as possible.
Remember that in case of accident, it is very important to fill in the accident report (which will be delivered together with all vehicle documents), and to deliver a signed copy of the involved drivers in any of the offices of the supplier before 24 hours.

The minimum and maximum ages for renting a car with Rent a Car Victoria's supplier are 24 and 75 years respectively, with a minimum of 2 years experience. If you do not accomplish any of these requirements, please contact us.
The driver or drivers must have a valid European Union driving license, presenting the original document (photocopies will not be accepted) at the moment of car collecting.
Original N.I.E. or passport so as a credit card is also required at the moment of collecting the vehicle.

Driving restrictions.
It is absolutely forbidden to drive the vehicle out of Spain (so as the removal to Ceuta, Melilla, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands) without supplier's authorization.
It is absolutely forbidden to transport animals or goods that can damage, deteriorate or spoil the vehicle.
Do not forget to respect the traffic rules. You will be responsible of any fine or traffic offence during the rental period.

Changes, cancellations and extensions.
You can change, cancel or extend your booking without any cost if you inform us in a minimum term of 48h. in advance before the pick up or the drop off of the vehicle.
Not to be present at the agreed moment and place to collect your vehicle without previous notification, will be seen as a reason to cancel your booking. In that case, the supplier still will be able to discount up to 10% of the booking amount (by way of procedure and transport) and you will have to adjust to office hours and staff availability to collect your vehicle if your are still interested in it.

Money refunds.
If Rent a Car Victoria has to refund you a fixed amount of money, you have the possibility to credit it to your customer’s account (for the next reservation) or to place the balance on your credit card account with a charge of 2% of the paid reservation (maximum charge 10€) for administration and banking expenses.

Because of variations of our suppliers vehicle fleet, Rent a Car Victoria can not guarantee you that the model of vehicle you have chosen is the one that you will collect. Nevertheless, you will always receive as minimum the same category model and, in case of not having that kind of vehicle, you will be delivered with a vehicle from a superior category without any additional charge.

You can reserve your vehicle through one of these ways:

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